Jarface found new love after show

Happy new year! Maybe one of your aims for 2018 may be finding your significant other. But how to find a new love? Well, musicians for instance may sometimes have some obstacles to overcome first.

This nice story we got of Australia's post-grunge band Jarface let's you know how things can turn out if you try to find someone you can team up with. :-)

A bandshot of Jarface, (c) by Jarface, used with kind permission
The new single Absolution is a notably positive track tracing the beginning and first meeting of a future couple.

"Absolution was written after meeting my partner on a late night out at a Smith Street bar.
I was there after we'd played a show at another venue and I remember spending most of the night trying to convince her I was actually in a band".

So the meeting not only resulted in finding a new partner but was also cast in stone in form of a new song. "Absolution has this groove that was inspired by the blues tunes that were being played that night."

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