CD Review: Mike Milan Dedic - Mike Milan Dedic (Instrumental Guitar Rock)

This is one man and his guitar plus few other instrumentation. Is this enough to create a good record? It is! Come inside and find out how Mike Milan Dedic made something great out of few elements.

Short Introduction

Mike Milan Dedic comes from Toronto, Canada. He has released a album that consists of 5 instrumental guitar shred type of songs. (1. Energy, 2. Zoom, 3. Run!, 4. Launch, 5. Shall We Dance!)

The front cover of Mike Milan Dedic's debut record, (c) by Mike Milan Dedic, used with kind permission


This album is quite a surprise to me. I've been a bit sceptic in the beginning. Is the performance of one guitar player suitable to completly fill the air with music enough to rock? The answer came quickly and blew me away. I expected the music to have a lot of solo content. Surely there are a lot of those elements in there. But the album is far more. It also has identifiable song structures with it. I mean those classic riff elements that everybody knows that is used to Rock and Metal music these days and that's a big plus as for me. It makes the songs much more understandable and gives them a structure that you can always follow.

Another good idea was to keep the tracks short. You will not be stressed out with endless songs that you will think should have been shorted to be better. The sound for sure is rough and loud so make sure to turn the volume level at a comfortable one - it helps to enjoy the music much more.

The song structures include besides the mentioned riffs a lot of classic shred guitar. Those are rounded out with particular modern soundwriting elements. This goes most notably for number three "Run!" which is my favorite of the record. The songs are easy to listen to. They are build up like a step by step path. For sure they need a re-listen to fully let sink in all the enjoyment that has been put inside but that's for sure much more a reason to buy this record to quickly have it at hand whenever you feel the need to listen to pure guitar music.

Purchase-Link and Song snippets

The album is available as a hardcopy via CD Baby or online retailers such as Amazon, itunes or GooglePlay. If you're into music of this style please consider to purchase a copy so artists like Mike Milan Dedic can create more music for people like you and me.

Here are some snippets of the album that Mike has uploaded to Youtube:

Contact Data
Make sure to hold the line to Mike via his personal Facebook account.


Why support music? New picture series starts today

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Why I still believe in music.
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Night Legion introduce new vocalist Vo Simpson (free download inside)

It's often a pleasure to be able to see how bands evolve over time. Some posts ago we shared the word about the upcoming exciting power metal project Night Legion and were able to give you people out there a first listen plus download of one track of the project.

This time around things have changed in the band so I thought it would be fine to post a update. As for me it's cool to hear the band has a new vocalist. It adds a new way of interpretation to the music and adds a different element to the sound. It's amazing to hear how different it is possible to make something of one and the same track. So without further ado check out the latest developments in the Night Legion camp all along with a new chance to listen and grab one track for free.

NIGHT LEGION, the new high energy Australian power metal band led by guitarist / producer Stu "The Hammer" Marshall (Dungeon / Empires of Eden / Death Dealer / Blasted to Static) has announced the addition of Vo Simpson as their new lead vocalist.

A band picture of the new Night Legion line-up, (c) by Night Legion, used with kind permission
 Stu Marshall has checked in with the following comment:

"During the writing of our upcoming debut album, the band went through some sudden personnel changes. Moving forward, I am very pleased to announce my amazing friend Vo Simpson, as the new lead vocalist for the band. Just think Halford meets old school Tate and you have an idea of where Vo's vocal abilities can be filed under. We have been long time friends and to have vocals that scream like Vo's is a dream to write heavy riffs for. The band is psyched for the new upcoming debut album and we are currently working toward securing a worldwide release via an as yet determined label during 2017."

Check out how Vo Simpson sound like in the short clip below or even better head on to this location to pick up the full track at no cost as a legal download.

Check the band's website or Facebook page to stay up to date about the further recording process.